CNC Routing


A CNC router is a type of computer controlled machine created for milling, drilling and cutting materials. CNC routers are similar to milling machines, with some of them capable of performing almost the same tasks. The main functions are to cut, engrave and carve objects out of a work piece, essentially a replacement for the usual hand-held router. By introducing computer control to the process, the number of errors is drastically reduced.



Wooden clocks

Decorate your house with these amazing wooden clocks. You can use any design you want



Material: Wood
Complexity: Simple
Signs usually create the first impression when you enter into an office or a business. What better way to make a good first impression than with a well-crafted sign



Material: Wood
Complexity: Simple
Drink coasters are another way to unleash your creativity with patterns and shapes.


Item holder

Material: Wood
Complexity: Simple
Many times, we misplace or forget our personal items such as our phones, wallets, keys, glasses, and watches, as we always carry them around. Other times, our workspaces look disorganized because of these items. An item holder provides an aesthetic and practical means for you to keep all your personal items organized and in one place so that you never forget to carry them. There are various, equally practical styles of item holders that you can make, according to taste and depending on the items you intend to place.


Decorative fences and gates

Material: Wood, Metal
Complexity: Simple
With CNC machines/laser cutters, you can cut patterns into sheet metal, no matter how complex the patterns are. This allows you to create beautiful fences, doors, screens, and gates without sacrificing security


Phone stand

Material: Wood, metal
Complexity: Simple
You would agree that it can be very frustrating when you want to watch a movie on your phone but you just can’t get into a comfortable position because you have to hold the phone. You try to place it down but it just keeps toppling over. Likewise, you need to use the phone in the kitchen, garage, or bathroom but there’s just no suitable place to keep it. With a phone holder, all these troubles are over. Simply place your phone and do whatever you want to do. You can make variations to your design, depending on the size of the phone you have in mind.

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