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Custom Pad Printing Services

Pad printing is a printing method that allows the transfer of a 2-dimensional image onto a 3-dimensional object. While just as effective for flat surfaces, this process is most often used for printing on parts that are round, have complex curvature, that are round, have a concave or convex surface, or have recessed or raised areas. 


Personalised Christmas Decorations

Pad Printing on Christmas ornaments

The beautiful scenes on Christmas ornaments are all made with a special printing machine. Without pad printers, there would be no Santa, Rudolph or Angels.

Custom Pad Printing on Wheels

Pad Printing on Skateboard Wheels

What is more essential than the opportunity to express yourself? The cool logo on the wheel with the fire or that massive death skull underneath the board will definitely make an impression on your friends.

Custom Pad Printing on Balls

Pad Printing on Baseballs

Thank heavens that the Curse of the Bambino has ended after 92 years! We can now proudly print the Boston Red Sox logo on any baseballs that come our way.

Pad Printing on Flat Surfaces like CDs

Pad Printing on CDs

Want your music to be even LOUDER!? Express yourself through creativity and design your own art to put on the CDs.

Golf Ball Branding Using Pad Printing

Pad Printing on Golf Balls

FOUR! Watch out for custom designed golf balls! No more boring golf balls with the manufacturer logo on it. By using a pad printer to add different designs/logos to the golf balls you’ll be sure to wow all of your golf buddies. It’s the next best thing to a hole in one.

Custom Designed Coasters

Pad Printing on Coasters

Sick and tired of your guests placing their perspiring beverages on your furniture? Are your coasters too plain? Liven up those boring coasters with a new design that surely will attract your guest’s attention!

Custom Fishing Lure Designs

Pad Printing on Fishing Lures

Printing on fishing lures are a great way to gain attention from all kinds of fish. The colors will come out bright and shiny, making all the “real” fishes totally jealous.

Custom Pad Printing on Watches

Pad Printing on Watch Faces

What time is it? With pad printing technology we are able to tell. Customize the numbered design that the minute and hour hand point to. Never be late again!

Custom Branding on Beach Balls

Pad Printing on Beach Balls

Add some style and color to a fun beach toy. Pad printers can print any picture on a beach ball. Sorry, sand is not included.

Custom Guitar Pick Designs

Pad Printing on Guitar Picks

Nothing is too small to be printed on. Rock stars want to express themselves somehow too you know.

Personalised Pad Printing

Pad Printing on Stained Glass

With the help of pad printing, your ordinary windows can look extraordinary! It is innovating, fun, and gives your neighbors something to talk about.

Custom Designs for Baseball Bats

Pad Printing on Baseball Bats

How else would baseball players know what type of bat they were using? Pad printing gives players the details about their bats such as: length and weight. Pad printing is a home run!

Pad Printing on Products

Pad Printing on Smoke Detector Housings

Don’t be alarmed! How would we know what the flashing light on the smoke detector meant? Pad printing gives meaning to those lights to alert us of important information.

Custom Stress Ball Printing

Pad Printing on Ping Pong Balls

A white ball getting hit back and fourth can get boring. Why not liven it up a bit by adding a logo or design to the ball to draw more attention!

Custom Lighter Designs

Pad Printing on Lighters

How else would all those designs and logos appear on the world’s greatest lighter? Pad printing of course! Just be careful, these items are HOT!!!

Pad Printing Branding for Hard Hats

Pad Printing on construction helmets (hard hats)

Hard hats not only save lives, they also represent the company a person works for. Pad printing technology allows us to label these safety instruments. Pad printing is here for your protection!

Pad Printing for Satellite Dishes

Pad Printing on Satellite Dishes

Pad printing works its magic everywhere, even up on the rooftop. How would you ever know who your cable provider is unless you get up there and see for yourself?

Pad Printing Branding on Sunglasses

Pad Printing on Sun Glasses

We all know how important it is to let people know that we are spending a fortune on those famous Ray-Bans and Oakley’s. Otherwise, what is the point of spending all that money? Pad printing helps people know what is hot and what is not.

Branded Pens Using Pad Printing

Pad Printing on Pens

The logo on your pen, or the colored design on the side of it was done by pad printing. How else would you know where you took the pen from?

Pad printing on car parts

Pad Printing on Windshield Wiper and Automotive Switches

Before cars are assembled they need all those small prints on the dashboard in order for us to tell the windshield wipers apart from the trunk release.

Custom Pad Printing on Bells

Pad Printing on Cowbells/Sheep Bells

Make some noise! Pad printing on cowbells are a snap, place your favorite team logo on it and bring it to the game to standout of the crowd. You need more cowbell!

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